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Espresso Peanut Butter

Our Featured Item is the infamous Espresso Peanut Butter. This is our best selling item and accounts for over 50% of our total sales. It features Espresso Blend coffee from our friends at Bent Tree Coffee Roasters in Kent, OH. This Peanut Butter is one a true coffee lover will enjoy and is delicious with sliced apples and one a nice sprouted toast for breakfast to get you going in the morning! 


Butter Your Nuts

Butter Your Nuts was founded in 2015 by owners Brad and Jessica. The idea for Butter Your Nuts came from Brad in 2007 when he was vacationing in the Outer Banks, NC when he thought of the name, Butter Your Nuts, and thought it would be a great idea of a nut butter business. Having been very active in bodybuilding and powerlifting for most of his life, he understood the power of healthy fats and the important role they played in an athletes diet. Having tried several "natural' peanut butters in the stores and only being left in disappointment, he began making his own in a food processor and found the quality and taste was much better than store bought and he knew exactly what was in it. After years of research, he began reading about stone-ground nut butters and the nutritional advantages they have over other production methods. Now fast forward to 2015, nobody still creating a nut butter business named Butter Your Nuts, so Brad and Jessica started researching it and finally got in contact with the correct people at the Ohio Department of Agriculture who were able to point them in the right direction to get started and the rest has been history! While Brad is no longer involved in bodybuilding, him and Jessica are still active athletes and compete in several triathlons during the summer months and also enjoy trail running and hiking. 


Voted "Best Locally Made Snack" in Cleveland Scene Magazine Best of Cleveland Issue 2017

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Appeared on New Day Cleveland June 21, 2017

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“Man cannot live off of bread alone; he must have peanut butter.” 

- James A. Garfield -

Our Butters

Quality Over Everything

Butter Your Nuts is not your standard, machine milled "Peanut Butter" you can get at every grocery store. Butter Your Nuts is slow-ground in a stone nut-grinder that is very similar to how olive oil used to be made and also how today's finest chocolate is made. Stone nut grinding is a slow process where heavy granite wheels roll over and smash the nuts against a granite plate until a silky-smooth liquid nut butter is formed. Traditional peanut butter is milled in a machine where stainless steel blades rotate against each other as the nuts are forced through the blades. The creates a great deal of heat and destroys some of the vital nutrients that nuts are best known for. This process does not naturally extract all of the oil from the nuts thus making it necessary to add additional oils to keep it from getting rock hard in the jar as well. In stone-ground nut butters, there is also no risk of steel shards getting into the nut butters that can happen in traditional steel nut butter milling.  In our production, we only use natural ingredients such as non-GMO peanuts and tree nuts, organic pink Himalayan salt, organic coconut sugar in some products, and organic spices in our specialty and seasonal nut butters and other products.  We add no oils, stabilizers, or preservatives. Only the best ingredients go in and only the most perfect natural nut butter comes out.